Gear4Teams: custom sportswear

First things first: we love team sport! We believe that the way individual athletes perform, affects the entire team. We also believe that passion and team spirit are of big influence on the team performance. Gear4Teams focuses on the material aspect of team spirit. We are a sportswear company that designs sportswear from start to finish. And we do it with passion.

Due to flexible production lines, Gear4Teams is able to offer full customization in low quantities and against very competitive prices. Our label offers as much customization as you can imagine. We do not offer a standard collection like most, but deliver to your demands and expectations. Club logos, team colors, sponsors and other details; you name it, we create it. We use different techniques in manufacturing our products, like embroidery, sublimation and printing. This is an important aspect that makes our gear so unique.

How does it work?

  1. First you contact us by filling in this form or call +31 36 525 04 93
  2. Then we start customizing your gear together with you. Remember, about everything is possible!
  3. Only once you have approved your design, do we expect your payment
  4. To make sure all specifications are clear on both ends you will receive a stylesheet, approval on this means the production process can begin!
  5. At last: receive your custom gear in 8 weeks!

Extra option: get your own club webshop

Not only do we create cool custom sportswear, we can also build special club webshops. All members can purchase their own gear in the webshop, which makes it even easier for coaches and organizers to get their teams in unique team gear. Please view our example team shop at:

Create some custom sportswear with Gear4Teams!

Custom t-shirts, football jerseys, baseball uniforms, team jackets and much more. We can design and manufacture it all. Want to know what we can do for you and your team? Please contact us!

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