Gear4Teams. Because it's teamsport.

Gear4Teams is a sportswear company that designs sportswear from start to finish. We believe that the way individual athletes perform, affects the entire team. We also believe that passion and team spirit are of big influence on the team performance. Gear4Teams focuses on the material aspect of team spirit. We design sportswear from start to finish. And we do it with passion.


Club logos, team colors, sponsors and other details; you name it, we create it. Our designers guarantee the coolest and most unique designs.


Our label offers as much customization as you can imagine. We do not offer a standard collection like most, but deliver to your demands and expectations.


Our products meet the highest standards when it comes to the quality of fabric, functionality of the gear and perfect fit.


Looking for custom gear for your team or even the club? Team up with Gear4Teams! Please contact us for more information .



Looking for customized gear for your team or the club? Please contact us for more information! Team up with Gear4Teams and be sure of the most awesome gear!

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